About the Journal

The VSA Papers is the authoritative forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed research furthering the advancement of the art and science of bowed stringed instruments. Contents include articles on auctions and appraisals, history of the violin and performers, playing technique and performance practice, making and restoration, tools, varnish, wood, graduation and acoustics. Current issues are published here, one or two times per year. Issues prior to Vol. XXVII are available at vsa.tarisio.com.

The Journal of the Violin Society of America was established in 1976 under the editorship of Professor Albert Mell, Queens College. While most issues were research papers, some were devoted exclusively to the proceedings of the annual VSA meetings. As the meetings have grown in size, this distinction between Papers and Proceedings issues is no longer made. Presenters at the meetings are now asked to provide a written transcript of their presentation in order to be considered for publication. The merger between the VSA and the Catgut Acoustical Society stipulated that the VSA Papers serve as a replacement for the now-defunct Journal of the Catgut Acoustical Society, lending a greater focus to scholarly work on acoustics, historical research, instrument design, and materials.